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January 19, 2012 / opticalintentions

Final Concept and Evaluation

Here is my final concept mock-up for the October poster as well as background layout for September and November:

My final concept utilises a 3D aesthetic, taking advantage of the 3D cube forms to create three dynamic layouts. I have made full of use of the colour palettes to create three high contrast colour schemes, using purple in each as per the brief and rotating most of the other colours between the posters for unity. I have put slight gradients in the posters to help emphasise depth. I could work on these colours further for a D&AD submission to achieve the most vivid colours possible for the posters it will increase the impact of the 3D.

I have achieve three different layouts for the posters, and have placed information of large cubes protruding from the main mass of cubes. I have highlighted the information through the use of white. I felt this was important as the posters will be viewed quickly. To this end I have made sure that “Saturday Sessions” and the Ministry of Sound logo were the most visible elements as there is too much overall text for it all to be read when passing the poster. I have placed the general info in a bar across the bottom in the hope to separate it from the main pattern as to attempt to place this less important information on blocks could prove distracting or cluttering. I have used a different font choice of Futura Condensed for this bar to help minimise its visual prominence. I could experiment further with this text to help it incorporate more seamlessly with the rest of the design.

I am happy with my font choice, Molot, as it is a chunky type that aids visibility whilst at the same time complimenting the geometric forms that surround it. I could work on the text further, improving the kerning, especially in the title. There are alos a few technical glitches with Illustartor that have created a few cubes that dont fit exactly, these could be cured by further perfecting the cube forms or cleaning up in Photoshop.

Overall I feel that my concept visualises the dynamic nature of the club with its world-class nightclub experience. The Op Art style parallels the idea that a night out is remembered as a blur of colour, sound and light and these posters capture this as well as drawing the eye through their optical illusions.

January 18, 2012 / opticalintentions

Cube Colours Experiment

Here is an experiment to see how the 3D pattern would suit multiple bright colours and gradients. The gradients add some extra depth to the image and the bright contrasting colours add some extra optical intrigue. The provided colour pallette is different to these colours and may produce more muted results.

January 18, 2012 / opticalintentions

First Pattern and Text Combination

Here is my first test of combining text with the cube pattern. I am using the font Molot which I feel works well with the cube forms. I have angled the text in indesign so that it matches in with the 3D styling and I feel this is very effective. With one selection of text I have angled it for a right hand face and positioned it “floating”. This looks effective and realistic but  floating the text could cause issues of legibility.

January 18, 2012 / opticalintentions

Font Choice

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Here are a selection of fonts both from my standard computer library and from various internet sources. I chose this shortlist as I wanted a font that was edgy and modern to both fit with the style of the club and its music as well as fit with the poster style. So far my favourite fonts from this selection are new media and Molot; new media for its contemporary look and Molot for its blocky nature that fits well with the poster style.

See sketchbook for printed font tests

January 18, 2012 / opticalintentions

3D Pattern Experiments

I decided to try and create my own 3D patterns, with the hope of producing three different 3D structures, one for each poster. I created these two experiments:

Both of these examples have an element of 3D. However, I do feel the that square-based cube forms are far more effective and would allow for a better application of text. The varying sizes of cube can also be stacked and arranged to make diverse forms so I will create three cube-based patterns, each using varying combinations of different sized cubes.

January 18, 2012 / opticalintentions

3D Patterns

Here are a few more 3D pattern examples that I could persue:

January 18, 2012 / opticalintentions

First Patterns

I have created a selection on Op Art style patterns to act as an eye-grabbing backdrop to the posters:

The patterns do have some aesthetic appeal  and fit the Op Art ideals, but in terms of drawing attention they lack a sense of movement and seem flat. For this reason I feel I should move in another direction, perhaps in favour of more 3D patterning.